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Seismic Survey Design

Amigos Energy Consultants Projects Amigos Energy Consultants

Algeria Atlas Thrust Belt Multiple 3D and 2D design and contract bid evaluation
Argentina Neuquen Basin High resolution 2D test line and 3D design
Brazil Camamu Basin 3D OBC design and contract bid evaluation
Brazil Campos Basin 4-D Ocean bottom nodal design study
Colombia Multiple Basins 3D onshore seismic design projects
Egypt Gulf of Suez 3D onshore and OBC designs and contract bid evaluation
Kazakhstan Pre-Caspian basin 3D onshore seismic design and bid management
Madagascar 2D design, bid evaluation and project management support
Nigeria Niger Delta Two 3D design projects (one onshore/TZ and one OBC)
Peru Multiple Basins Designed five 3Ds (sub-andean, rainforest environment) for gas field development and exploration; contract bid evaluation
Romania Carpathian 2D and 3D seismic acquisition design projects & bid evaluation
U.S.A. Texas, New Mexico Multiple high resolution, wide azimuth survey designs for conventional and unconventional plays including for inversion analysis.
U.S.A. W. Texas Permian Basin 3D design using H.F.V.S.* technique
U.S.A. Paradox Basin, Colorado 3D design and contract bid evaluation
U.S.A. California Multiple noise tests and 3D designs
U.S.A. Louisiana Several 3D design project in salt dome areas
U.S.A. East Texas 3D contract bid evaluation; seismic data analysis and test design
U.S.A. Ca, Wy, Tx VSPs, including 3D multi-offset – multi-azimuth designs


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