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Integrated Geological and Geophysical Interpretation

Amigos Energy Consultants Projects Amigos Energy Consultants

Algeria Atlas Thrust Belt Block evaluation to exploration and development
Argentina Cuyo Basin Field Field Revitalization, geologic modeling
Argentina Multiple basins Evaluation of blocks for conventional and unconventional plays
India Cauvery basin Reserve audit preperation
India Multiple basins Multiple field development plan studies, geologic modeling
Iraq Integrated geoscience and engineering study for field development
Italy Seismic interpretation for reservoir modeling
Kazakhstan Pre-Caspian Basin Exploration, prospect generation and development
Libya Sirte Basin Seismic interpretation for reservoir modeling
Mexico Burgos Basin Platform margin evaluation (conventional and unconventional)
Russian West Siberia Field exploration project and geologic and geophysical analysis project for reservoir modeling
Syria Geophysical interpretation – exploration and field development
U.S.A. California Heavy oil field geologic modeling
U.S.A. South Texas Basin evaluation for expansion of client activities
West Africa Onshore Multiple marginal field evaluations
West Africa Offshore Farm out evaluati

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