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New Ventures

People working in New Ventures not only study the geology of an area, but need to know about the economic environment and local infrastructure. These sites may provide some of that additional information.

Energy Information Agency Produces the Annual Energy Outlook, forecasts, data by country
USGS World Petroleum
Assessment and Analysis
Basin level assessment of reserves, maps and tabular data.
Mbendi – Information for Africa Comprehensive oil, gas, upstream/downstream operations and opportunities
in Africa. Country by country review of not only the petroleum industry, but also
general country information, investment profiles, taxation, etc. Includes maps of
oil field locations.
World Energy Center Information on world energy supply and consumption
Thailand – National Energy Policy Office-
Internet Links
(Select Energy Links)
Suprisingly good set of links, Organized by country and subject.
Asia-Pacific Economic Coorperation-
Mineral and Energy Data
Information on Mineral and Energy Development, legal and regulatory, finance, land, some geoscientific



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