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GIS Software

These are sources where you can download programs for free. Depending upon your software and data source some additional processing may be needed before you can use the data.

ESRI ArcExplorer. free viewer for GIS data
Ermapper ErViewer. free viewer for GIS data
Lizardtech ExpressView Browser Plugin – Plugin for Netscape and Internet Explorer that allows you
to view Mr. Sid or Jpeg 2000 files.
USGS DLGV32 – Free viewer for many types of USGS GIS data.
3DEM 3D Terrain visualization, stereo visualization, 3D flyby
Global Mapper Excellent commercial utility for viewing numerous vector and image formats, format conversion,
image resampling and manipulation, change projections.
Bureau of Land Management
Software and Data Download
PC and UNIX Software for working with DLGs, DEMs, Digital Chart of the World, data files,
links to other sites
National Geophysical Data Center Repository for geophysical data sets: gravity, magnetic, topography, bathymetry, shorelines, earthquakes, heat flow, global change, natural hazards. Interactive indices, download data and programs for the PC, Mac, and Sun.
SeisVU Free SEG-Y viewer, can also view all header information.
Kansas Geologic Survey Software Mapping, log analysis, seismic processing
Canadian Well Log Society Documentation about the LAS standard. Download certification and resampling programs
Colorado School of Mines Seismic processing package
GMT – Generic Mapping Tools Unix based mapping system
Software list at the Kansas Geologic Survey List software available at several sites.
Department of Energy Software Simulators, predictive models, databases
D.Watson Triangulation based contouring programs


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