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Geosciences- Resource Lists

These lists are comprehensive listings of web pages and other lists for the petroleum industry.

Oil and Gas Online Comprehensive list of industry related links.

Yahoo Direct link to the Petroleum section of Yahoo. Contains a brief description
of many of the companies, check under education for Universities.
Rigzone Oil & Gas Directory Oil and gas industry directory
Thailand – National Energy Policy Office Surprisingly good set of links, Organized by country and subject.
Oilfield Glossary from Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary: Where the Oil Field Meets the Dictionary
Wikipedia List of oil exploration and production companies
List of natural gas fields
List of oil fields
CIA World Fact Book Proved natural gas reserves Proved oil reserves
Energy Information Administration Official Energy Statistics from the U.S.Government
List of earth science departments in the
U.S. and Canada
Links to department web pages in the United States and Canada.




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