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Seismic Acquisition Design, Processing, Imaging and R&D

  • K. P. (Paul) Allen
    Paul Allen is an internationally recognized geophysical expert in seismic data acquisition and processing technologies in a variety of geographical, geological and environmental areas. He is recognized for assessing not only technical but economic impacts of different technologies and their cost-benefits in hydrocarbon exploration, development and production scenarios. Paul believes that experience and theory always need to be reconciled; otherwise poor results occur because of bad design or implementation, not because of noise, the traditionally blamed culprit.

    Since 2001 Paul has worked with Amigos Energy Advisors, L.L.C. on many seismic projects some of which fall in the category of leading edge methods and technology. Prior to that he worked thirty-six years for Mobil Oil Corporation in a variety of technical and management positions, of which the last eight years as the most senior geophysical corporate consultant in the company. In this capacity, he helped direct corporate upstream R&D efforts, focus geophysical R&D on a small number of projects with potentially high technical and economic impact, reviewed the implementation of new geophysical developments both internally and with joint venture partners, and assisted numerous E&P affiliates overcome their most challenging geophysical imaging problems.

    Paul’s geophysical R&D work led to the development of various new seismic data acquisition and processing technologies for which he has received many patents. He has published various works in leading geophysical journals and given and/or contributed to numerous papers at industry conferences. Paul holds a B. S. degree in Geophysics from the University of Toronto.

  • David Behrman
    David Behrman is a geophysicist with extensive international experience in 2D & 3D seismic acquisition survey design, project management, on-site quality control and field processing. Dave is a recognized expert in quality assurance for seismic land operations in all environments, including jungle, difficult terrain and poor signal areas, transition zones, deserts and marine. He can draw upon skills in both geophysics and engineering to ensure the imaging objectives are being met and the data quality is optimum. Dave is an expert in geophysical software systems, with emphasis on field applications, and has a solid understanding of recording systems. He has a strong ability to recognize and capitalize on opportunities for data improvement, cost reduction and timesaving. He can contribute very effectively as a team member or in an independent manner.

    David has worked for over twenty seven years for Mobil Oil Corp., the Superior Oil Co. and Texaco Research and Development Corp. He spent the last eight years as a senior geophysical advisor and technical team leader for the group responsible for seismic acquisition design and quality control at Mobil Oil, supporting E&P affiliates worldwide. In 1991-92 Dave helped lead the implementation of the ProMAX system as Mobil’s system of choice for field QC and processing. Prior to that assignment, he lead Mobil’s acoustic logging group responsible for overseeing Mobil’s worldwide efforts in implementing new developments in this field. Dave has extensive experience in various parts of the former Soviet Union, particularly in the Caspian Basin area, North and South America, North and West Africa, and Indonesia.

    Dave has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Houston and has conducted post-graduate studies in Geology at the University of Texas at Dallas. He is an active member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) and from 1994-1998 was chairman of the Geometry and Acquisition Special Interests Groups of the ProMAX Users Group, an organization of over 300 users.

  • Paul S. Cunningham
    Paul Cunningham is a geophysicist with twenty years of international experience in project management, acquisition, processing and interpretation of various forms of geophysical data (2D & 3D seismic, VSP, gravity), and implementation of new seismic acquisition technologies (4D seismic, WARRP, 9C-VSP, cross-borehole seismic tomography). Paul is recognized for his ability to manage complex international seismic projects, balancing technical, business, operational and environmental requirements. He has substantial experience working with venture partners, government entities (E&P and environmental regulatory agencies, national oil companies, indigenous affairs bureaus) as well as successfully managing complex relationships with local communities and non-governmental organizations. Paul is a team player with demonstrated leadership skills managing and working with multi-disciplinary project teams. He is registered in Texas as a Professional Geoscientist (Geophysics).

    Paul’s work experience includes two years with Sohio Petroleum Co. and 13 years with Mobil Oil Corp., working at Mobil’s Dallas Research Lab, Mobil E&P Technical Center and Mobil New E&P Ventures affiliates. His experience includes projects in Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Algeria, Egypt, Oman, Malaysia, Canada and the U.S. (Alaska, California heavy oil fields, West Texas, South Texas, Oklahoma and southern Louisiana).

    Paul has an M.S. and a B.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Earth & Planetary Sciences (geophysics concentration). He is an active member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) having served as Latin American coordinator for the SEG Global Affairs Committee (1995-2001) and on various other committees serving the geophysical community in a variety of ways. Paul was honored by the SEG in 2004 with a Life Membership. Paul is also a member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), the Brazilian Geophysical Society (SBGf), and the Union of Latin-American Geophysicists (ULG). In 1999 he co-chaired the 6th International Congress of the SBGf in Rio de Janeiro. Paul has co-authored numerous published papers and technical presentations and is fluent in English and Portuguese and proficient in Spanish.

  • Marvin L. Johnson
    Marvin Johnson is an internationally recognized geophysical expert in seismic data acquisition, with special expertise in the design & management of complex large channel count 3D’s. He is also recognized for recent advances in multi-component acquisition (3C, 4C, 9C) and simultaneous sourcing (HFVS). In addition, Marvin is a proven hydrocarbon finder with over 15 years international interpretation & prospect generation experience, primarily in complex structural settings.

    Marvin has worked with Amigos Energy Advisors, L.L.C. since early 2009. Previously, he worked 8 years for a seismic contractor and 20 years for Mobil Oil Corporation in a variety of international interpretation, seismic operations and research positions. Prior to his retirement in 2008, Marvin was project manager & technical team lead at ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company managing several technical leading-edge projects.

    Marvin holds a BS in Geophysical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and is an active member of the SEG and EAGE. He has co-authored several articles in Geophysics; presented many papers at annual SEG meetings and Middle East conferences. He also has several patent applications pending.

  • Phil D. North
    Phil started his career with GSI as an assistant party chief for seismic recording and processing crews. He advanced his career with SSC as their Denver Center Manager for seismic processing. He then joined Mobil as a staff geophysicist for the Denver Regional E&P Business Affiliate. His processing skills were recognized leading to his assignment in Mobil E&P Technology Company providing land and marine imaging solutions for Mobil’s worldwide E&P operations. He brings a wealth of experience in processing difficult to image seismic land, marine, and transition zone data with post-stack or pre-stack time migration methods for quality time structure results and objective oriented stratigraphic imaging. He has proven to be successful in addressing his client’s needs and focusing on understanding and meeting client imaging objectives. Phil is very effective at sharing technology and methodology through openness and collaboration with client. He has strong mentoring skills.

    Extensive hands on experience with Landmark ProMAX on numerous hardware platform configurations, a working knowledge of WesternGeco’s Omega and CGV’s Geovectuer processing systems.

    Phil holds a B.S. degree in Mathematics and Physics from Franklin College, has attended numerous industry sponsored courses on seismic imaging, geology and is an active member of the SEG.

  • Stefan M. Seyb
    Stefan Seyb is a geophysicist with almost thirty years in the geophysical industry. He has worked in twenty-two countries on five continents, on 2D & 3D land and marine surveys. His strength is in seismic project management, on-site quality control and field processing. He worked several years in geophysical research and is co-author of a patent on marine seismic interference mitigation. Stefan’s last eight years with ExxonMobil gave him a solid grounding in HSE systems and methodology for ensuring that field operations are conducted in a safe manner with no harm to personnel or the environment.

    Stefan worked twenty-one years for Mobil and eight years for ExxonMobil. In his years with Mobil, he initially worked in seismic processing, including six years as processor and Lead QC onboard the seismic vessels T.W. Nelson and Mobil Search. He later worked in the Seismic Acquisition group, responsible for survey design, contracting and on-site QC and field processing. With ExxonMobil, he first worked in Upstream Research on projects involving seismic interference mitigation, high-fidelity Vibroseis and electromagnetics. After moving to the Geophysical Operations group, he managed numerous land and marine seismic surveys and in 2004 served as Principal Scientist onboard a vessel conducting CSEM (Controlled Source Electromagnetic) surveys. As Field Supervisor in Germany for a year in 2005, he managed a 3D land seismic program with complex environmental and regulatory requirements. Since retiring from ExxonMobil in 2007, Stefan has worked as client rep on 3D surveys in Mexico and Egypt and a site survey in the Falklands in which he gained experience in Multibeam and coring operations.

    Stefan has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Oregon State University, an M.S. in Geophysics from the University of Hawaii and an M.A. in International Management Studies from the University of Texas at Dallas. He is an active member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) and a registered Professional Geoscientist (Geophysics) in the State of Texas. His UKOOA Medical and HUET certifications are kept current for marine work. He has a working proficiency in French and Spanish.


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