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Remote Sensing

  • Robert Borger
    Robert Borger is a geophysical interpreter with 28 years experience in the integration and interpretation of multidimensional geophysical data sets. He has worked extensively to maximize the extraction of geological information by combining 2D and 3D seismic data, gravity, magnetics, satellite imagery, air photos and radar imagery as well as geochemical and surface and sub-surface geological data. Bob has demonstrated expertise in applying technology to solving problems in Regional Geology, Prospect Generation and Production. While working as Technical Leader of the Remote Sensing and Image Processing group at Mobil’s Dallas Research Lab, Bob pioneered the application of image processing technology to other geophysical data and directed the development of early interactive seismic interpretation technology. He also has extensive experience as a classroom lecturer teaching Remote Sensing and Image Processing technology. Bob is a hardworking team player who is also able to work independently. His most recent projects include the identification and detail mapping of prospects in the upper Cretaceous to Miocene section in Benin, The Ivory Coast and Equatorial Guinea.

    Bob’s work experience in the U.S. includes the Gulf of Mexico, both shelf and deep water; south Mississippi; west Texas and eastern New Mexico. Outside the U.S. Bob has worked the North Sea, southern U.K., west Africa, northwest shelf of Australia, Northern Territories of Australia, Indonesia, Austria, western and eastern Canada and the Middle-East. Bob has extensive experience with the Landmark SeisWorks suite, GeoQuest IESX and Charisma and is considered an expert with Dynamic Graphics EarthVision geological mapping and 3D modeling package. He also has experience with CPS-3, ENVI, ER Mapper and Surfer.

    Bob is a member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, American Association of Petroleum Geologists, American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Houston Geological Society, Dallas Geological and Geophysical Societies and the Mid-Continent Landmark Users Group. He has a B.S. degree in Physics from Ohio University, an M.S. degree in Exploration Geology from Purdue University and received his GIS Certification from the University of Texas at Dallas.

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