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  • Christopher Chow
    Dr. Christopher Chow has a broad base of technical expertise from 17 years experience on a mix of research, development, technical service and consulting projects, 13 years with Mobil Oil Corporation, and 4 years with ProDuce Consulting, focusing on experimental rock and fluid mechanics, sand control, perforation, completion performance, and integrated systems analysis. He has extensive experience working with integrated teams for international and domestic assets, serving in roles as a leader and as a team contributor. The breadth and balance of his technical and interpersonal skills have enabled him to successfully adapt technologies to deliver value on a variety of projects over the entire asset lifecycle. He is registered in Texas as a Professional Engineer.
    In his current role as an independent consultant, Chris has worked on a variety of projects for international clients, focusing on completion design and optimization in sandstone formations for new and developing assets, production optimization for producing assets, and systems analysis using Integrated Production Models (IPM) for new, existing and mature assets. He designed and led a multi-year project to develop perforation optimization analysis tools and process (ongoing).

    He has consulted on projects for assets located in the US (onshore and GOM), Nigeria (shelf and deepwater), Indonesia, North Sea, Qatar, South Africa, Australia and Brazil. He also designed and chaired SPE’s 2001 North American Forum Series on Reconciling Real-Time Reservoir Management and Production Optimization. Chow spent 13 years working for Mobil Oil, where he held several key positions. Chow is an industry expert in completion design and optimization in sandstone formations, particularly in the areas of sand production risk, perforating systems design, sand control completion design, sand management and systems analysis using integrated production models. He either led or contributed as a team member on studies in Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, East Coast Canada, North Sea (both UK and Norway), Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, South America, Australia and US (onshore and GOM.)

    He had key technical leadership roles on several research and technical service projects in the area of innovative well completion design. In particular, Chris led three successful research projects through the full technology cycle from conceptual design through the stages of fundamental theoretical development, experimental testing, field trial application, and in-house training and consulting to institutionalize the technology within the client company. One project to assess sanding risk saved Mobil over US$50 million in completion costs, and generated over US$1 billion incremental value from accelerated production over a period of 6 years.

    Chris Chow holds Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Chemical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology at Pasadena, CA. and a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering (with highest honors) from the University of Illinois at Urbana, IL.


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