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Petrophysics and Fracture Analysis

  • James P. Wallace
    James (Jim) Wallace has over twenty years of experience in providing petrophysical solutions to oil and gas reservoir problems. Jims’ skills include integrated petrophysical evaluations, robust petrophysical parameter development for use in volumetric mapping, reservoir simulation and government submission. Jim is also experienced at both open and cased-hole formation evaluation program design including contract design, bidding and analysis, as well as petrophysical coaching and training. He has successfully completed over 100 projects in North and West Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, Australia, North Sea, and the Former Soviet Union while at Mobil. Last year alone, Jims’ accomplishments include adding hydrocarbon resources of over 300 million barrels of oil equivalent and contributed to gas reserve additions of over one trillion cubic feet.Jims’ work experience includes three years with Schlumberger Well Services and 19 years with Mobil Oil Corporation working at the Mobil Exploration and Producing Technology Center. Jim has published papers with the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Society of Well Log Analysts, and the Indonesian Geologic Society. Jim holds a B.S. degree in Physics from the State University College at Oswego and an M.B.A. degree from Southern Methodist University. Jim is casually conversant in French, Italian, Polish, Yoruba, Ebo and Bahasa-Indonesian.
  • Laird Thompson
    Laird Thompson is an industry recognized expert in borehole imaging interpretation and in the characterization of fractured reservoirs. Laird managed Mobil Oil Corporation’s fractured reservoir R&D program, responsible for evaluating all aspects of reservoirs that produce from faults and natural fractures: fault sealing and permeability issues; discrete fracture modeling issues; scale-up to effective properties; simulation issues for faults and fractures.

    With nearly thirty years of experience, Laird was also an active internal consultant to Mobil Oil Corp. and partners on image log interpretations for numerous exploration and appraisal wells worldwide. He has applied borehole image analysis to a variety of fields for sedimentary and stratigraphic analyses. Laird focuses on fractured reservoir analysis to predict porosity, permeability and permeability anisotropy for wellbore planning. His work experience includes the Camisea gas field (Peru); Ramos/Aguarague (Argentina); Tempa Rossa subthrust carbonates (S. Italy); fractured granite plays (Vietnam); fractured metamorphic plays (Indonesia); various offshore fields in Nigeria; heavy oil fields in California; Anschutz Ranch East and Tip Top-Hogsback fields (Wyoming); South Elwood field (offshore California) and other projects in Qatar and Australia. He is very cognizant of the bottom line – and has been directly involved in the discovery and production of 1.5 billion barrels of hydrocarbons.

    Laird holds a Ph. D. from the University of Texas at Dallas, an M.S. from the University of California at Davis, and a B.S. from Stanford University. Laird has authored numerous papers and patents on image log analysis, taught courses in Mobil’s training system and continues to lead AAPG seminars. He is active in various professional societies including being the first president (1997-1999) of the International Downhole Imaging Society (IDIS), a Chapter at Large of the SPWLA.


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