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Annotated List of Petroleum Sites

This page was prepared by John Sharry for his course: “The Internet for Geoscientists”.  The page is designed to provide useful starting points for exploring the internet for those interested in the earth sciences and the petroleum industry. This list is not comprehensive, but designed to provide an extensive tour that highlights the variety of uses of the internet and to provide links to some of the better sources of data. It is also designed to quickly give you an idea of what the internet is capable of and where it is headed. No endorsement of a site is intended.  If you find a site that you like, particularly ones that are experimental, send an e-mail message to the webmaster to encourage the continuation of the work.

Discussion Areas Travel
Search Engines Journal Indexes – How to find technical articles
Resource Lists GIS Software
Professional Societies Online data
PTTC Employment
Demonstration Projects Reference Material
Educational Resources Stocks and Corporate Information
Companies New Ventures
Software Support Fun Stuff
Magazines and Oil and Gas News


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