Amigos Energy Advisors, L.L.C.


Amigos Energy Advisors, L.L.C. is an experienced oil & gas exploration technical consulting group familiar with both U.S. and international projects. With associate technologists averaging over 20-years experience in the E&P industry, Amigos Energy Advisors can provide customized solutions to our client?s challenging projects. Our professional consultants are committed to achieving their goals through dedication, integrity and adherence to the highest standards.

The principals at Amigos Energy Advisors are geoscientists with experience in seismic data acquisition, processing and interpretation, prospect generation, reservoir characterization and field development. Moreover, they have considerable knowledge of:

  • Diverse geologic settings and depositional environments.
  • Use of leading-edge technologies.
  • Seismic imaging in difficult data areas (sub-salt, thrust belts, sub-basalt).
  • Working in varied environments such as transition zones, rain forests, deserts, and mountainous terrains.

Amigos Energy Advisors associates work in interdisciplinary teams and provide comprehensive integrated solutions to your problems. With their extensive experience, our associates can adapt rapidly to local conditions, requirements, and challenges making us an ideal technical and business partner for your projects.

Our Goal:
To provide high quality geo-technical services enabling our clients to reduce risk, improve project cycle-time, efficiencies and profitability.

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